Paint the perfect mug for coffee, hot chocolate and more.  Pottery to go kits include brushes, six paint colors, and your ceramic project.  Pick up at the studio (we'll even deliver curbside) and return to the studio for kiln firing when you're done!


Pottery can only be painted with glazes we send home!  Pencil will burn off in the kiln, but other paint, markers, sharpies, etc. will destroy your piece.

The Perfect Mug

  • 1. Please use only the glazes provided.  Any othe paint will interfere with the firing process. Anything left white will be shiny and white.

    2. You may use any #2 pencil for drawing designs.  The pencil marks will burn off in the kiln. 

    3. Take as long as you want to work on your piece.  When you return it, we will add a clear glaze and fire in our kiln. Pick up is in 5-7 days.

    4. Decorating tips:

    polka dots can be made with the end of a brush or the end of a pencil (eraser) or even with fingerprints

    masking tape and stickers can be used to create designs, just be sure to stick down super well so there is no seepage and be sure to remove tape/stickers before returning to studio

    colors can be layered--light on top of dark is best

    make a boo boo? let it dry then gently scratch off paint with fingernail or blade or you can gently sand it off using fine sandpaper