Pottery to go kits include your choice of paint colors, and your ceramic project.  Pick up at the studio (we'll even deliver curbside) and return to the studio for kiln firing when you're done!


Pottery can only be painted with glazes we send home!  Pencil will burn off in the kiln, but other paint, markers, sharpies, etc. will destroy your piece.

Penguin Box

  • Thank you for purchasing a TO GO kit!

    A couple of notes:

    Anything left white will be shiny and white after being glazed and fired at Imagine Studios.

    Make sure you save the bag/box and the packing slip for when you return your pottery.



    Use only the colors provided.

    Use a clean dry brush every time you change colors.

    Use a #2 pencil to sketch designs.

    Wash hands before touching pottery (oil from food or lotions can damage the glaze).

    Text (479) 619-6085 if you have any questions.



    Use a sharpie anywhere on your pottery.

    Use any kind of glitter or other materials.

    Use unused paints on anything else.

    Throw away unused paints--bring them back please.